Expand Your Business


1. if you are a retailer or dropship

We seek to further enhance your online business by adding our high quality furniture into you e-catalogue with the following additional support:
  • Over 10000 items are available online
  • Fast delivery (2-8 business days)
  • Enjoy 24 Months Quality Guarantee
  • Professional After-sales Service
  • No worry about packing and shipping

2. if you are a importer

We are eager to introduce our furniture to your country’s local adience. Our collaboration includes:
  • FOB, OEM, DDP By sea
  • Global partnership factories: China, Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam, etc..
  • Support EU & US furniture certificate.
  • Minimal Lead time on special custom orders

3. if you are a wholesaler

The goods has be transported to self-built warehouse in European countries such as US, CA, FR, DE, CZ etc.. We support:
  • Quick-ship on Local warehouse
  • Provide container & pallet pricing
  • No minimum warehouse order requirement
  • Enjoy 24 Months Quality Guarantee

4. if you are a store owner

We seek furniture dealers with anchor store to sale our furniture. Due to self-owned distribution center, we provide fast service without trouble free from order to delivery.
  • No minimum order requirement
  • Helpful customer service
  • Simple ordering process
  • Reseller & importer exclusive price
  • No worry about warehouse costs

For any information or inquiry, contact info@eggree.com.

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